Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Semi-light Snacking at Diamond Head Grill

Oh man...I'm warning you, don't look at these pics if your 2011 New Year's Resolution is to avoid sweets and junk food... I'm just joking, hahaha... but it can cause cravings, so be careful! lol!

So last week Wednesday, I took my brother and mom around East Oahu, right? I think I mentioned this in a previous blog... We went to Punchbowl (it was raining), so I drove down to Waikiki (it was raining), so I was going to head to Sandy's by going through Kaimuki when I saw Diamond Head Grill!  I haven't been here for a loooonng time and the one time I came, I got some weird organic food... lol... sorry.. but it was weird... But I know that they were famous for their desserts and, knowing my family, they love desserts....

We didn't order anything from the grill because we were still a bit full from breakfast but hungry for something sweet, so we went inside.. I should've taken pics of the inside because they had a lot of snackage!  They had pies, cakes, musubis, chips, drinks, salads, bread, and sandwiches... a lot of on-the-go stuff... My mom got a peanut butter cheesecake of some type and it was pretty peanuty... it was ok.. but I'm not a fan of peanut butter outside of the sandwich...

My brother got this crunch cake looking thingy which I didn't get to sample... I forgot... but it looked good!

My brother also got pumpkin pie... I'm not really a fan of it... it's ok... tasted like regular pumpkin pie... but the crust was good because I think it had some nuts in it... my mom preferred the nuts too... lol..

I got the orange passionfruit cheesecake... it was very light and refreshing and citrus-y... tasty and I finished it by the time we got to Bubbies... haha... I couldn't eat and drive!  Most of the desserts that they had there were around $3-$4.50.  The other stuff that they had were kinda pricey, but I think their desserts were reasonable... I mean look at Cheesecake Factory's cheesecakes, which are about $5-$7 per slice. They are huge but they are also not exactly locally made and they're very thick... Their cheesecakes were light but fulfilling and they were reasonably priced...

Therefore, I give them 4 cherries for the price and 4 cherries flavor of their desserts (since this is the only thing I tried).  I also give them 4 cherries for the likelihood that I'm coming back because there's a couple of desserts that looked really good but I couldn't get because that would be too much food... Sweet potato pie/cake thingy... I'm out to get you next time! Watch out!

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