Friday, January 7, 2011

Eden in Love: "like" it!

I love Eden in Love. I forgot how I discovered it but I know it was once the Wedding Cafe, which then split into the Wedding Cafe (for wedding stuff only) and Eden in Love (the boutique).  Even though I'm a big girl and can't really fit into any of the clothes (I wish they had my size!!! gah!!), I've still had some great finds.  The only thing about Eden in Love is that the management goes to the mainland every so often to shop for clothes so the items that they sell (clothes, bags, accessories) are a bit limited in the quantity and expensive ($30-$70).  Also, most sale items are non-refundable or non-exchangeable so you better be sure that you want it,, but their sale rack are pretty good because they are usually about 40% off the regular price.  The good thing about Eden in Love is that they are very helpful.  When you try on clothes and they see that you are not sure how to use it or unsure if you should get it, they always hand you some accessory (good sale strategy for them! lol!) or do something to the clothes to show you have to wear it.  They are pretty amazing like that... lol...

Anyway, the reason why I'm blogging and the reason why you see me (I don't really want to reveal myself yet! lol because I do have some interesting comments about these places... hahahaha..) is because of what I wore this morning to work.  I planned to just wear this to work; however, at the last minute, I added a necklace and looked like this:

It made a big difference just adding that necklace (since I don't use any make up or anything) because Beb told me that I looked dressy today when all I added to this outfit was this one necklace.

And I know that I'm blabbing on and on about Eden in Love and about my fashion (or lack of it), but I got this necklace from Eden in Love when they had this contest thingy where if they get enough people to "like" their page on facebook, they are giving everyone who "like"d it a $20 coupon to use at Eden in Love!  So even though the necklace was ~$22, I ended up only paying $2 for it!  And it's a pretty necklace too!

So the moral of the story, kids, is: get on/get a facebook, start "like"-ing your favorite businesses because you never know what sales, specials, deals, contests, you will find (if you look closely at the pic, there's a sale on Rise Strapless Tops because of a poll so it went from $24 to $12).

P.S. It's also great to be on their email list because that's another good way to find out about sales and stuff, especially for big companies (not just in Hawai'i) like Old Navy and Macy's.

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