Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Me Some Curry at Curry House

We were hungry one night and we couldn't figure out where to eat dinner, so somehow we ended up at Curry House.  It seemed like a great idea, but when we tried to go to the McCully restaurant, parking sucked!  There wasn't any parking under the building and it was hard to find parking out front... They don't charge for parking, which is great, but between the one way roads and few parking stalls, I'd only go to McCully Shopping Center when I really need to... not for fun...

My mom and I shared the kalbi and fried chicken curry plate (~$8). My sister kept asking if we wanted to order more food or another plate because she knows I eat a lot, but I KNOW that I can't finish curry from curry house... IDK why... maybe because I'm still recovering from my curry overload during my college days (I ate at Curry House so much that my body got sick of it, so I had to stop eating curry for about a year or so... I'm still recovering... haha). Anyways, it was just right for me and my mom... we were just full enough... and my mom wasn't a fan of curry so I just gave her rice and the meats and had the lady give me my curry in a bowl which I poured into what is my plate above... It was yummy (my body was ok with it), but my mom said the fried chicken had no flavor (I didn't notice since mine was soaked in mild hot curry).  The kalibi was also not what I expected because it was almost like teriyaki beef: thin, tender, and a bit sweet.

My sister loves Curry House (hopefully she doesn't become like I was!). She got a mabo tofu with gyoza curry plate, which was ~$8 and she finished it!

My brother got a fried chicken and gyoza curry plate (~$8), and he almost couldn't finish it and he ate a lot.

What's funny is that when  my mom was asking the lady for some Tabasco,the lady told her to go upstairs to room 202. My mom was confused, but I think the lady thought she was asking where the bathroom was! lol!  My mom is still a bit FOB 'das why! lol... She still didn't get her Tabasco because they didn't have any, so I told her to keep on in her bag since she consumes a lot of it!

Anyways, my ratings are 3 cherries for price and taste because the food was ok and so was the price... Ehhh... The service also got 3 cherries because it was ok... it wasn't bad or anything but there wasn't really anything that stood out to make me want to come back... And I wouldn't really go back there again (2 cherries) until my body recovers from my Curry House overload...

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