Thursday, January 6, 2011

Safeway Finds

Man... my hands starting cramping from all that blogging yesterday... next time, I'm not going to let all of those stories pile up coz it's not fun and I become less witty and more boring after each blog.. lol... 
Anyway, last Monday (another late blog! lol!), my mom told me to buy some eggs and sweet chili sauce because we didn't have any at home (it's great to have my mom here since she's always cooking for me... it's a great break for me...*sigh* almost time to go back to cooking on my own, but at least I'll post up recipes soon...).  So, I decided to go Safeway on Kapahulu since I needed to go to the bank and the First Hawaiian Bank kiosk thingy closes at 7pm (I hate it when banks close at 4 or 430pm because that's when I get off!).

After some banking, I looked through their newsletter/sales/specials newspaper thingy (what is that called again?) to see what coupons they had and what was on sale.. I was going to use the coupon for $2.49 for eggs but then I read the fine print and I would have to buy $10 worth of stuff using the other coupons... I hate that clause in their coupons sometimes... makes me buy stuff I already have and don't need just to meet their $10 minimum...

Anyways... I went to the eggs and I found that they were on sale even more because it was "buy 1 get one free" with each dozen selling $3! I thought that was a better deal than the coupon I saw since it meant each dozen would be $1.50n after the sale!  Yes!  Then I went to look for the sweet chili sauce that my mom wanted and I knew it was going to be a bit expensive at Safeway (because Safeway is pretty expensive actually), but I decided to get it anyway because I was lazy to go to someplace cheaper like Daiei (where you can get a huge bottle for about $2.50). I then saw that they were on sale for $1.99, which was pretty good (or maybe I was delusional at the moment and thought it was a good deal... hm..)...

So the lesson to this story is: take a look at what they have on sale in their newspaper/sales/specials thingy when you go to a store because you never know what you'll find. I always look in Midweek for the Foodland specials to find the 2 for $8 sale on Rosalani ice cream (which is the best local ice cream, lol!), which they haven't had in a while... :'(... so help me out and let me know if you see the ad for that!

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