Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Must Go-To for Desserts: Bubbies!!

After a day of touring around East Oahu last Wednesday (Punchbowl, Sandy's Beach, Waikiki, Valley of the Temples, Waimanalo), my mom, my brother, and I went to Bubbies for some snackage.

Bubbies is in a hidden corner near Bank of Hawaii, which is on the corner of University Avenue and S. King St.  I found out about this in my not-so-far-off college days with some friends because it is within close proximity to UH and the dorms.  The parking lot is a bit small and the lines tend to be long especially at night.  The place itself is small, so it's hard to seat a whole group of your friends when it's busy.  Also, they only accept cash, but they are usually open everyday from 12pm-12am (I forgot to get a pic of the business hours, sorry!).  

My brother and sister love their mochi covered ice cream (pic below).  Here are the flavors on the blackboard and the prices.  The specials change often.  Around Fall, you would see pumpkin flavor, and I'm waiting to see a mango flavor there.

They also have ice cream cakes that they sell by the slice that range from about $4-$7 with weird names like Multiple Orgasm or Knock Me Up on the Blower... lol... I think Multiple Orgasm (sorry, I didn't check to see if my pic turned out good) is bluberry cheecake ice cream on a graham cracker crust?  I haven't had it in a while... lol...  It's always good to experiment though!

Their ice cream flavors also change often.  Don't be shy to ask for samples so that you can taste everything!  They also weight your ice cream and I'm not sure if that dictates the price, but a cone with one scoop usually turns out to about $3.  I didn't take a picture of the entire menu because it would've been hard to see but they also sell coffee, shakes, sundaes, and even huge sundaes to share with friends!

I got the White Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Chips on a Sugar Cone, which helped eased my headache and sleepyness from driving my family around for four hours... lol... It's was pretty good!  I usually get a scoop of green tea and oreo, but I was trying to be different... bwahahaha...

Here is the mochi that we got.  The white ones were lychee (it was very refreshing!), the brown ones were chocolate with vanilla inside, and red ones were a mix of strawberry and sakura (this was the second thing I chose besides the lychee but my brother ate most of it because he didn't know it would be that good... lol... so I only ate the lychee since I got my cone... oh and sakura is cherry blossom by the way)...

The great thing about Bubbies is that it is also locally made (from what I remember).  It's a bit pricy for my taste, but it's ok to have once in a while!  So I give Bubbies 4 cherries for it's price (which is reasonable!), 5 cherries for flavor (because it's soo good to eat even when cold, because it has so many things to choose from not just flavors, and because new flavors arrive every few whenevers!), and 5 cherries for it's entertainment value because it's a great place to hang out with friends and family.  I don't know anyone who has tried Bubbies and hasn't liked it because it's that good!

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