Friday, January 7, 2011

Sea Life Park in the Battle of Facebook Vs. Foodland

So I told you guys about the amazing "like" button on Facebook and the listserv emails from your favorite companies, but here's another thing that I noticed:

I "like"d Sea Life Park on Facebook last night and I saw that they had a special on "General Admission Ticket for just $15 for kama'aina, that's 1/2 off retail price of $29.99! (Must show a valid Hawaii I.D., offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Offer ends January 10, 2011)."   
However, before I actually went to visit them on Facebook (and on their website), I was looking through Midweek to find my 2 for $8 Roselani ice cream at Foodland(lol! jk! just to find sales for groceries) and I found this instead:

4-pack (admission) tickets for $40 or $12 for adults.  I thought this Foodland one was a better deal because it mean it was $10 per ticket and ended in late Feburary!  See....?  Sometimes, you just gotta be on the lookout for things that you are not looking for (lol!) if that makes sense... So me, my friends, sister, and Beb will be heading out there to Waimanalo sometime soon... I wish I noticed this when my brother was here and we can't go when my mom is here because it's kind of too late... oh well... till next time...

Just for extra precaution though, I called Sea Life Park today to ask them what it meant by 4-pack tickets because I thought it would include the interactive stuff (like actually swimming with the dolphins), but it didn't.  It just included the shows, but it was still a pretty good deal.  Calling was a great idea because I also found out that parking is $5 flat rate (no validations) and I didn't have to book my tickets because we could just show up as long as we bring our Maika'i cards (or someone bring their Maika'i cards).  I'll post up a blog once I got there because I've never been there before (and I lived here for four years now! lol!).

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