Thursday, January 6, 2011

Max's of Manila

Yes!  Last late blog!!!  It's like Koko Head Trail!  I'm never doing that again!  lol! But I probably will... :(


So for my brother's last meal in Oahu last Sunday, we (my brother, sister, mom, Beb, and I) went to Max's for a late lunch before we went home so he can pack to leave that night.  We went to the one that opened a couple of months ago right by Costco on Dillingham.

Stupid iphone... can't take rotate the pics when I take them... sorry.. So me and my mom order the fried chicken (whole), which is in the pic above.  My mom said in Filipino something like "kawawa naman ang manok" (so sad/pitiful the chicken) because it looked so little for $13!  I wasn't even sure it was going to feed all of us!

My sister ordered this sort of mahi-mahi sinigang (Filipino sour soup) with miso.  It was pretty good: sour, hot, and fufilling! It had pieces of mahi-mahi, ginger, green pepper, radish, some leaves, onions, and tomatoes and it was ~$14 for a regular size, which is pictured above.

My brother ordered pork adobo (~$8) and I thought it looked so little!!! My mom could've cooked this and would've made more for $8!  I didn't try it because I don't eat pork, but my mom and Alvin said that it didn't taste like pork adobo.  It's like they just cooked the pork and mixed it in Mang Tomas sauce (a Filipino dipping sauce for fried pork, but I'm not really sure what's in it...).

We also got a large order of rice ($3 for 5 scoops) but we had to get another large order because we were still hungry but we still had a scoop leftover.

I really thought that Max's was going to be pretty good when we came here since the last few times I came here in the past year, they had pretty good portions.  When we came here last Sunday, it really looked like they skimped out on us and I should know since I've been coming a lot since they opened in town.  Surprisingly, we were all full and even had a few leftovers that we tried to finish even though we were full.

So I give Max's 2 cherries for it's price even though parking is free because even when they did have bigger portions, it was still pricey for Filipino food. I mean $13 just for a whole fried chicken when you can get rotisserie chicken nearby at Costco for $5!  But I guess they really make money out of the fact that the food really tastes like it does in the Philippines.  I also give them 2 cherries for their customer service because even though there were few customers, they were uber slow at getting our order, getting our food, and getting our drinks.  It's like that a lot and they're not that friendly.  During our meal here when we wanted to order extra rice, I was looking for the waiter and he was busy chitchatting with the cook at a booth nearby and we had to wave at him a couple of times to get his attention.  But I'll probably be back again when I look for a taste of the Philippines even though it hurts my wallet, so I give them 3 cherries for this.  Hey, it IS cheaper than going to Philippines to get my dose of Filipino food... lol...

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