Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Night Hunger Pains? Go to Sushi King!

Last week Friday (I think?), after doing shopping shopping at Ala Moana, my brother, Beb, and I got really hungry and a lot of places were closed around 11pm when we were hungry.  My brother wanted some plain inari but Safeway didn't have any and that was the only place I knew that would have it at that hour.  So we went to Sushi King since it was close by and it was open.

Sushi King is located by King St. and University Avenue by the Post Office and past 7/11 if you're coming from the West side.  Parking is a bit crappy, but at least it's free (I think there's an attendant in the morning).

I only like coming here for the late night specials (Jumbo Platters), which is about the cheapest and best entree on their menu... Unfortunately, their customer service sucked!  Maybe it was just that night because one of the other people waiting was saying the guy who was usually there served them better, but this woman who was in front sucked!  She said it would take 5-7 minutes to get our food (we ordered take-out) and it took 20 minutes.  She had about 10 people crowding around the front part of the restaurant all waiting for a table because she was very disorganized about seating people, getting payments, etc.  It took a while for us to order, to pay her, and when I saw that she just left the food on the counter (I guess she was waiting for something), I was just about ready to get my food and leave.  She needs to play a few rounds of Diner Dash to get a better idea of how to manage it all... I did feel sorry for her though... She looked stressed... But we weren't shouting at her or getting at or anything to her face... I don't know... maybe she had a bad night...

When I opened it, I was very surprised at how little there was for a $10 meal.  I got the Ahi Katsu and they usually asked us if we wanted California Roll or Spicy Ahi Roll but they just gave us both Cali Rolls.  In addition to sushi, each plate also comes with rice, salad, and miso soup (which I didn't drink because I noticed it had real pieces of pork, which my brother was trying to trick me and say it's chicken; I don't eat pork, by the way).  It was pretty good and the fish wasn't dry at all.  I didn't use the katsu sauce because it gives me headache, but the sushi was also pretty good (although it was warm).  The salad had like a ginger onion dressing, which was tasty but it was hard to take down because my body hates onions in general...

My brother got the Chicken Teriyaki plate.  Beb didn't order anything coz he was full but he did eat some of my food because I was stuffed, surprisingly!  I guess it looked little because it was in a big container or maybe I just ate too fast because I was hungry! lol!

RATINGS: I give Sushi King 3 cherries for its price value because I think it can do better than that. I know that they have served more food than that before, and I think Yanagi's beat them with their 2 choices for $10 and big portions for late night dinners.  Their regular menu is also a bit pricey while their sushi is a bit steep, so I guess this menu is pretty good in comparison to the rest of the items that they serve.  On the other hand, I give them 1 cherry for their customer service that night, but I'll go there again and see how it goes... I also give them 3 cherries for the probability that I'm going to go back there if I'm hungry and there's nothing open late at night... It's not bad, but it could do better...

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