Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cheap Lunch at Campus Center

I didn't get to bring lunch yesterday because I've been trying to sleep early (fail!) and wake up early (EPIC FAIL!) as a New Year's Resolution.  Since I was having lunch with J and S at Campus Center anyway, I thought I'd get something cheap (because I'm so broke, again!) for lunch just to tide me over since I was going to get the steak plate at Foodland for my dinner (I can't stop eating this! It's too good!). Though I am truly sorry that my pics totally suck for this blog post.  I wasn't paying enough attention to make sure it wasn't blurry because R was asking me why I was taking pics of my food and because I was uber hungry... :'(

I got a fish patty musubi and beef mandoo for $1.  I saw an email (which I trashed after I saw it so I'm going off of my memory) which said that there was a back-to-school sale for $1 mandoo and $0.25 fountain drinks, but because I couldn't find it quickly enough on my iphone, I had to go without a drink and drank my water when I got back at work (I just found the email in my trash and it said $0.25 fountain drinks with the purchase of a plate lunch; oh well... wouldn't have been able to get the drink anyway).  I usually get the fish musubi because it's one of the cheapest items at Campus Center (it's pretty expensive!), but, when I can, I would get the Spicy Garlic Chicken for about $6 because it's so spicy, sweet, and crispy!  I'll post up pics when I get it.

 My total came up to under $3 which I though was pretty good for a meal.  I'm glad that they had the mandoo on sale because I wouldn't have been full with just the musubi even though the musubi does have a lot of rice in it.  My ratings is 3 cherries for taste because it was ok and 4 cherries for price because that's a pretty good deal for lunch.  I do give Campus Center 4 cherries because I know I'll be back here to get food; I just can't avoid it even though I get tired of it.

NOTE: Don't get the baked salmon sushi triangle because it contains so little salmon!  Also, around 2 or 3pm, the sushi and bentos go on sale for 20% off or so, but I don't usually catch it in time because I'm lazy... tee-hee...

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