Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taste of Manoa Pics!

Man! I had to work last night from 730pm-12pm and I was too tired to post up the Taste of Manoa pics or to harvest my cranberries on farmville, but here's a pic of the mahi-mahi on coleslaw and fried wonton. It was pretty good!

The menu said baby back ribs, but they were huge and the guy said it was beef (I forgot to ask the chef) and it tasted like beef (but I don't know... Ooops... I HOPE it's not pork! I don't eat pork btw.). Was yummy anyways...

This was the dessert. It was great! The pastry was crispy and the cream inside was like whipped custard or something! I didnt like the yellow cream next to it though. It was like cake icing.

This guy kept staring! Grrr! But they had thr jamaican jerk chicken with rice hence the hat! LoL! It was ok and A loved the rice.

This was the beef... I forgot what it's called, but it was soooo good! Beef was uber tender and the rice was awesome! I need the recipes!!!

So all this for $1 a plate! Awesomeness! And they didn't say it was for students only, OK?! (For those who were busting my chops about attending it!) And I noticed a lot of people brought containers, foil, and stuff like me and J did! LoL! We smart like that! And I was taking it home so A could try some. What a great dinner (which I had to chow down in 15 mins before work! Gah!)!

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