Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jolibee on Oahu!!!!!!!!!

I love you Jolibee. I've missed you so.... and it annoyed me how the guy behind me called it Joe-li-bee not Jah-li-bee! Gah!
For those of you who don't know, Jolibee is to Filipinos as McDonald's is to Americans. Simple enough. We have been waiting forever for someone with enough money to open and it just opened on Tuesday!  Unfortunately, it is all the way in Waipahu but fortunately we had to go Waipahu anyway for church so we went there for dinner!

It was our 62nd monthsary (month anniversary? lol for those who aren't married yet), and we (mostly me) wanted a little bit of everything because we missed it so...
In this side of the  table, we have ~$3.50 halo-halo (a kind of Filipino shaved ice), $7.99 3-piece spicy chicken joy (Filipino fried chicken) with gravy and a side of fries, and 2 $1.99 peach-mango pie (the best ever!!!) which is covered by Beb's hands!

In this side of the table (lol, we were so hungry that we took up too tables!), Beb just finished his $1.09 cheeseburger (simple yet soooo good!) and his ~$6 Filipino spaghetti with 1 piece chicken drumstick.  I had some of the spicy chicken and fries and my main meal was a ~$5.50 hamburger steak with mushroom gravy and rice (it came with two hamburger patties). Ahhh... It was heaven... it tasted and felt like I was in Philippines again, and I was glad because I needed a dose of the motherland again.

So.... I give Jolibee 5 cherries for taste because it tasted exactly the same as if it came straight from the Philippines.  It fulfilled all of my cravings for sweet, spicy, salty, crunchy, and just for food (we at at 9 at night!).  Most of Jolibee's menu is American food but with Filipino flavor (more sweetness in the spaghetti and rice with your fried chicken, for example), so it wouldn't taste too different for those uneasy about trying it.

I also give it 5 cherries for customer service because, even though I waited in line (which stretched around the block) for an hour, I had no complaints because I noticed that they did their best to be as efficient as they could. They were taking orders outside, took customers' trash when it looked like they were leaving and asked if they needed take-out bags.  As soon as someone left a table, they would wipe it clean and take away the trash for another person to use.  This is exactly the customer service in Manila (even in fast food places!). I loved it! I hate it when people leave crumbs and trash at a table that I have to clean it before we can sit and eat properly.

I give it 4 cherries for price because, even though it was a bit pricy, I really thought it was going to be more expensive than it was.  Also, compared to a lot of Filipino restaurants on the island, the price is pretty good (yes, I know it's a fast food place). Overall, Beb and I spent about $30 for it all... I think it's a pretty great monthsary gift to ourselves, don't you think? ;)

Now I can't wait until they open the Red Robbin portion because they have greeaaaat cakes!

I just thought I posted this picture just so you get some random fact about me: whenever I eat halo-halo, I would mix everything together and try to find the leche flan. It's like a game to me. When I think that I've found most of the leche flan, drank most of the juice,and have had enough of the other stuff halo-haloed in (I don't really like the other stuff!), I give it to someone else to eat and my game is done. lol!

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