Friday, December 10, 2010

Late Night Spicy Ahi

I got a great slab of Big Eye Tuna from my friend T all the way from the Marshall Islands! It was gorgeous and it was so nice of her parents to bring it too. So me, J, S, and Beb are going to have an Ahi Party with spicy ahi and sashimi.

I made the spicy ahi tonight coz I had a long nap and I should be sleeping but Im posting the recipe up before I forget (Im cheating too coz Im staying up to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!).

So ingredients are:

-ahi (is ahi and wahoo the same?? My boss said I had wahoo)
-shiracha (Beb's fav condiment)
-Kewpie mayo
-seseame oil
-lemon, garlic salt, and black pepper for taste
-green onions for garnish

I don't have measurements coz I put as much until I felt it was the way it should taste. LoL! I hate measuring coz it means more dishes to wash!!!

Anyways, so I minced the ahi coz I don't like the texture of cubed ahi... LoL... If its like a paste almost, then I can eat it easily.. *shrugs shoulders*

I then mixed everything together and got this:

It turned out good! I ate it with some rice and nori. I packed some so J and S can try it and I wana make spicy ahi pizza on crispy rice that I saw online. Til tomorrow! G'night!

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