Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Foodland Steak Plate

Whhhhhaaat? I can't rotate my pics on my iphone or on BlogPress... that sucks... I guess I have to do my best to take vertical pics instead... junk... One day I'm going to get the iphone4 because it has better picture quality, video, and it's just way cooler than my regular iphone that sometimes refuses to let me go on facebook for several days... gah!
Anyways, I decided to take my aunt and brother who both just arrived on Oahu out to drive a little.  We've been sleeping since we picked up my brother this morning and we're all just lazy.  We went to Wal-Mart (stupid traffic from all of the people doing their Christmas shopping late... hate you all... lol!), Safeway, drop some food to Beb because he had a fever, and to Foodland to buy some ingredients for dinner for when my mom comes later this night.
After buying some chicken and beef for dinner, my aunt gave me a sample of the steak they were barbecuing outside Foodland and the guy who gave her a sample also gave me a sample.  It was sooooooo YUMMY! I was craving for something good like this to eat and now I found it! lol! (I didn't eat much today except for some pandesal (Filipino bread) for breakfast and for lunch, so I could tell that my tummy wanted some real food.)

We both got the steak plate (they also have a steak and shrimp plate) for $6.50.  You have to go pay at the cashier first and then show the receipt to the guy serving the steak.  It had steak, rice, salad, and a drink (they only had coke or diet coke at the time).  I poured some ranch on my steak and soy sauce on my rice and it was one of the best steak plates I've had on Oahu!  It was tender, smoky, and soooo good!  It was warm and it was tender for something that was well done (I think it was originally medium, but it became well done after sitting for a while).  This is why I sooo want a grill! I want to try to do this on my stove at home since it'll be too much of a hassle to take it to the beach just for BBQ and I can't just BBQ on my lanai. That's a meal I hope to attempt for this blog in the near near future...

After savoring ever bite, I give this steak plate 7 cherries for taste for being so tender and smoky.  I also give it 4 cherries for being reasonably priced even though its price is comparable to other steak plates in Oahu.  However, I give the guy 3 cherries for customer service because it was so-so... Sometimes, I don't care how bad the customer service is as long as the food is good and they didn't spit in my food (hopefully!) because their actions will be reflected in the tip I give them in the end, right? lol... yeah... I can be mean sometimes...

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