Friday, December 17, 2010

Ba-Le's Lemongrass Chicken Sandwich

I had no idea where to go for lunch today. I was so cold that I had my fur coat on top of my jacket! Gah! No soup for me because I had cup of noodles for breakfast.  I told my co-worker SM that we should go get shaved ice (lol! random!), but she told me to get our food at Ba-Le (she decided for me. love it! lol!).
There are several Ba-Le restaurants on Oahu and their specialty is Vietnamese food and baked goods.  It's reasonably priced and it's usually fresh especially the bread!

I got her a regular chicken sandwich on croissant bread for $4.00 and I had the lemongrass chicken on french bread for $4.25. Hmm... $0.25 difference just for it to be lemongrass and they both look and taste the same!

 The sandwich has parsley, mayo, shoyu, pickled carrots and radish, and lemon grass chicken.  It's a very refreshing sandwich and has a lot of different flavors. I'm picking up a little spiciness while eating and typing on this blog (lol!).  The bread is very crispy and it's best to eat it fresh.  If you're not into lemongrass chicken, they have ham, roast beef, tuna, and pate with something (I forgot!).  You also have a selection of bread for the sandwiches: french bread, croissant, wheat, 5 grain (I think), and ciabatta.  Moreover, they have other dishes like green papaya salad, pho, summer rolls, etc. which I'll take pictures of the next time I eat here.

So, even though I'm still eating, my ratings are: The sandwiches range from $4-$5 so Ba-Le gets 4 cherries for price (the sandwiches used to be $1 less than it is now, so I'm sad...),  5 cherries for flavor and for freshness.  3 cherries for customer service because it's ok... but 3 cherries for cleanliness (some would say -5 for one location, but I'm not saying where and I will still eat there despite this!).

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