Monday, December 13, 2010

Mana Bu's

So I have been craving Mana Bu's for the longest time and I've only tried it once! So I decided to go (finally!) today.
They mainly sell musubis which range from $1.40-$1.70. I got the tuna mayo on white rice, spicy ahi on 10 grain rice, and several baked salmon triangles which I don't remember what rice they were coz I gave them out at work.
I just had the tuna mayo and it was decent. I love the tuna mayo from kuru-kuru sushi so this doesn't compare. So I give this 2 cherries. I also had the spicy ahi on 10 grain rice which I give 1 cherry! The spicy ahi wasn't raw ahi and it was ok... But I wasn't a fan of the rice at all... Tasted dirty and funny... Maybe others would like it but I didn't.
Overall, I give Mana Bu's 1.5 cherries for taste and price for my second time. There wasn't anything that excited my palate and I could compare it to musubis and sushi rolls from 7/11. I do give them props for showing exactly what ingredients it uses and having satisfactory customer service!
Next time I'll try the salmon, other musubis, and desserts and rerate it. Until then!

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