Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Milano Freezer

After Kuru Kuru, we wanted some dessert.  I wanted pie from Anna Miller's after talking about it at Kuru Kuru, but we ended up at Milano Freezer which is nearby.

I took pictures of their hours at Pearlridge. I hope it's clear enough for you.  They also have one in Manoa Marketplace but I don't know if they have the same hours.

They have a freeze full of different pints of ice cream, ice cream cakes and pies, and other miscellaneous goodies... My face was so close to the glass that I could taste the flavors! lol!

Here are the prices for the items that they sell...

This is the gelato bar... Some of the flavors here are chocolate, guava, kiwi, green tea, pear, blueberry cheesecake, and lemon ice.  I tried to take pics of the flavor names written on the glass (you can see it a little on the top of the pic), but it was hard to see.

N treated all of us and got green tea and melon, Beb and I were supposed to share a green tea and tiramisu (which tasted exactly like Kahlua and was very strong) but he was full, and J got guava and blueberry cheesecake.  It was a great end to our night (although I kept eating most of J's gelato because my tiramisu was too strong!)

I give Milano Freezer 4 cherries for flavor especially because their flavors are refreshing, light, and ever changing.  I give them a 4 for their customer service especially because we kept asking to sample the flavors.  So overall, they get a 4 rating for my first Hawaii dessert blog.

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