Saturday, December 18, 2010

Costco Food

We went to Costco to spend the $12.98 certificate that I recieved from Costo from 2% of what I spent at Costco over the year (one of its rewards programs for Executive Members who pay $100 a year). So I guess I have spent ~$649 at Costco this year. I got it because the lady at the counter when we were getting Beb's card convinced me that at the rate I was spending, I would've saved more money when I goy my 2% money back. IDK. It didn't turn out that way in the end because I was broke most of the last 6 months so I didn't go Costco as much.

Anyway, after getting lots of sample, our $12.98 cash back got us rotisserie chicken and blueberry and chocolate muffins (tip: if you have a small household like us, freeze half or 2/3 of the muffins in individual ziploc bags so that it will last longer and you are not forced to eat it all before it spoils).
It was only $12.54 so they gave us $0.44 back. Not bad for something free! But it bums me out that I didn't recover the extra $50 when I switched from regular member ($50) to executive member ($100) in the 2% cash back rewards. Next time, I'll just stick to being a regular member.

Beb was uber hungry so he got a $1.50 gelato cone with mixed berry and stratachella ice cream to tide him over while we wait for the rice to cook to eat with the chicken. Costco also has hotdogs, salad, pizza, and ice cream that's cheap and great to eat when you need a quick bite. The ice cream was ok for the price but it made me uber hungry now too!!!

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