Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kuru-Kuru Sushi

So it was J's last night before she went to Colorado for Winter break so we forced her to decide where to eat for dinner and she chose Kuru Kuru Sushi.

I love Kuru Kuru Sushi. It is way better than Genki because of the price and because there are a lot of my favorite items here that I can't find on Genki.  While there are several Genki restaurants on island, there is only one Kuru Kuru Sushi and it's all the way by Pearlridge!  However, J said that there's another one opening up in Kahala, so that makes me excited!

I will do my best to post up the hours of all of the places I go from now on because I think it's useful to know, but don't trust this too much because you never know when it's going to change on you!

So when you do find Kuru Kuru Sushi and eventually find parking (free but difficult to find), you have to sign in your name, the number of people in your party, what time you came, and there's a section to indicate if you want a booth.  It takes way longer to get a booth because there's few of them and this place is generally small.

When you first visit Kuru Kuru, you would've probably noticed the line of people sitting inside and the crowd of people waiting outside (it was pretty slow at 530pm when we came, surprisingly).  If you see a lots of people waiting, it's smart to bring someone with you and drop them off to sign in your name (you'll see below) so that you'll be ahead of anyone else who enters.  If you're even more smart, you'll try and find parking right in front of the restaurant so that you can wait in your car until someone comes out and calls your name so that you don't have to stand outside because there's no more seating inside to wait.  This is because Kuru Kuru is really that popular.

Like Genki, Kuru Kuru has a moving sushi bar.  The food in the black bowl is tempura mushrooms (wood colored plate: $1.40). I just saw this recently and it is so awesome! I never knew you could tempura mushrooms!  I give it 7 cherries as well (grr.. I should just change my ratings from 5 to 10!).  It is so yummy and crispy (making me drool now!).

This is the tuna mayo with corn.  It's on the wood colored plate so it's also $1.40.  It's just regular canned tuna with mayo and corn on rice with nori. I don't know why I love it so much but gah! I do!  I want some right now!  I can't make this on my own... it's just better at Kuru Kuru!!  This is totally 10 cherries and many of you might now agree with me, but gah, this is what I dream about.... usually without the corn... lol... leave me alone...

This is the sushi dyamite. It's spicy on top of a california roll which they torched a little so it tastes a little smoky.  It's a red plate so it's about $2.60.  It's so yummy, but I try not to get too much of this because it's a red plate and it's kinda expensive for only three pieces. I didn't get this this time, but I still give this 7 cherries as well because I crave it whenever I think of Kuru Kuru.

Ooo... on the bluish plate is the tendon shrimp with shell and head on.  This is Beb's favorite and mine too. It's yummy and you can usually just eat the shell because it's uber crispy and favorful.  I give this 5 cherries.

This is the tempura kubocha (Japanese pumpkin; $1.40). This was the first time that I tried this and I don't usually eat pumpkin! It was pretty good... I give it a 7 for making me want to try it again...

Ugh... this was the union roll with salmon, avocado, cream cheese, nori, and rice which was deep fried.  Cream cheese and rice is not a good combo especially when it's warm.. weird... It didn't even have much salmon... I give it a 2... I just tried it because of J, but never again....

I didn't eat these but I just wanted to show you how fresh the fish looks... It looks way better than Genki! Sorry!

The fish eggs were so brightly colored that I might try this one day... maybe...

These are the dishes that Beb and I racked up. We were hungry but he ate a lot!!

Our bill.. I'm kinda scared to see how it turns how.. lol...  I didn't get to show you exactly what we ate. I'm sorry! I only started taking pictures AFTER we ate so I only took pics of some of what we ate...  I'm just getting used to blogging so it's hard to remember to take pictures all the time!!

Ahhh... ~$26... We usually don't spend this much, but I guess Beb was really hungry. I usually try to stay under $10, which I can usually do and still be full from it all...

After we got the bill, we noticed that someone took the food on the blue plate which it was moving and just left the garnish!  I can't believe someone actually did it, but it was kinda funny....

In the end, Kuru Kuru Sushi has 10 cherries overall because it is my favorite sushi place in Oahu (sorry I'm biased!).  Its price is reasonable compared to Genki and other non-moving sushi places, and the customer service is pretty good.  They are always asking if we would like to order someone or if we wanted more water or green tea.  I forgot if it was Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain who said "follow the lines" to know where to find good food in a new place and Kuru Kuru is one of them!

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