Friday, December 17, 2010

Shokudo $3 Menu

So I decided that we (me, T's parents, J, N, and N's dad) should go to Shokudo yesterday at 5pm for their Happy Hour/Before Dark/$3 Menu since T's parents were going back to the Marshall Islands on Saturday. Unfortunately, S couldn't go because she had a cold and had finals. Boo....
Anyway, we love Shokudo.  I love their regular menu and I've spent my last two birthdays here.  Mostly expecially, Beb, T, J, and I would go here almost every week because of their $3 honey toast dessert (which you will see later), because the food is great, and because it's only $3!!!

The Before Dark Pupu Menu is from 4-6pm (if you can't really tell from my iphone pic).  Some of my favorite items on this menu are the spicy ahi nachos (7 cherries!), cold ramen with ground chicken (it's very fulfilling!), and the chicken quesadillas with cilantro dip (ingenious!). I think the Before Dark Menu is only available Monday through Friday (call to double check); I don't usually go at this time because Beb and I work.  Also, you would have to sit at the bar area and if it's full, that sucks. They wanted us to sit on these high chairs near the actual bar area, but T's dad would've had a hard time so we tried to go to the regular seating and just buy food off the regular menu, but T's parents were soldiers and decided to sit in the high chairs anyways. They are cool like that!

The After Dark Pupu Menu is the same thing but the hours are from 1030pm to about 2am(?). You are not restricted to the bar area because they also opened the seating in the left when you enter. However, if it's full, then you would have to wait (but it gets pretty full).  Also, the late night menu is available from Sunday through Wednesday (last time I checked).

This is the junior portion $3 honey toast from both menus.  It is a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled in honey, over toasted bread.  It's so simple yet so addicting!  I love celebrating my birthday at Shokudo because you get a free junior honey toast with a candle if you tell them it's your birthday. (A little sad story for you about me: for my first birthday here, they took forever to get me my honey toast, my friends and Beb who ordered it got frustrated; my second birthday here, the waiter dropped the ice cream on the table so I had to get a new one. I wonder what will happen next year!)

Unfortunately and fortunately for us, we didn't order much from the $3 menu because T's parents were too kind and wanted us to order from the regular menu AND wanted to pay for all our meals.  N, J, and I totally don't mind because the $3 menu is just as great, but they were too kind and persistent (gotta love them, but I wish T was here too... so we just took pics to make her jealous and want to come back... lol!)

 I was too hungry that I forgot to take pics so I just took the pics from their website and I'll show you what we got (I hope there's no copyright issues!):

 -T's dad got the assorted sashimi. I tried the raw scallops and it was surprisingly amazing!!  It was between lemon slices so it had a great citrus flavor.
-T's mom and I got the Balsamic Beef Tataki Sushi. OMG... this is totally 10 cherries!  I couldn't get enough of it and I HATE onions and I was eating the onion chips off of this like chips! Gah! I'm craving this again!
-N got the Sushi Pizza which was spicy, crispy, and yummy!
-N's dad got the $3 version of the Spicy Tuna Roll which is 4 pieces of this, the $3 of salmon sushi which had 4 pieces as well, and agadashi (?) eggplant from the $3 menu.  Loved the eggplant!  I never tried this on the menu before so I'll get it next time!  Unfortunately, there's no pics of this in the regular menu so you must go there and try it!  Tee-hee!
(Everything in this pic is great... I've tried most of them, but one day I'll try everything!)

-The gyoza for N's dad can be seen here but it was only four pieces in the $3 menu and it had some sauce in the bottom which I didn't get to try.
-J got the Homemade Tofu Salad which is also 10 cherries because it's soooo amazing!!! It had some kind of oriental dressing and the tofu was really soft. I kept asking J for more!  Sorry J, I should've ordered my own! lol!
(I've also tried most of the items on this menu but I recommend the homemade tofu, chicken kaarage (I love the dipping sauce!), tofu salad, calamari salad, and lobster dynamite.)

And for dessert, all of us except T's dad got a $3 junior honey toast. What a great meal!  Thank you to T's parents for a wonderful dinner.  We should do it again but we must treat them!

Overall, I give shokudo 5 cherries, which is a perfect rating.  I know I gave more than 5 cherries for some of the items above but that is because I absolutely love them!  For the $3 menu, I give them 5 cherries for price, but for the regular menu I give them 3.5 cherries because it is a bit pricey.  For customer service, I give them 5 cherries even though our waiter was a bit slow because the manager still let us purchase the $3 honey toast even though we ordered it after 6pm (sometimes I give them 3 cherries when they are slow and when I get that one waiter who never smiles; for the most part, they are great.).

As a last note, parking is free after 730pm or so, so if you come before, you would need to get it validated by the host/hostess.

All this talk about food is making me hungry now... Gr....

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